Bugaboos/Squam Summertime Romp

Better late than never right!? It a long one, but a good one - so grab a snack and dive in! This summer Lee and I took two weeks off work to climb - our primary goal was to visit the Bugaboos for at least one week and then go where the wind blew us … Continue reading Bugaboos/Squam Summertime Romp


2017 Summer Gear Favorites

This summer has definitely been one for the books - so much climbing in so many new places with so many great people! With an influx of new-to-me adventures, I've picked up a few pieces of gear that I have been absolutely psyched on! Gear is a tricky one, as each person values different aspects … Continue reading 2017 Summer Gear Favorites

Hello, Its me! – Life Update

Woah, it's been quite some time since I've done this blogging thing! I think last time I shared words with my computer with the intention of writing for myself was post-Revelstoke ski trip that Lee and I did back in December/January. And even then, I never finished the second half of my trip! Shame on … Continue reading Hello, Its me! – Life Update

Annual Migration North to find Pow! (1/2)

Wowzer! The powder highway sure lives up to its name! Lee and I spent the last week along Canada's Trans-Highway 1 between Revelstoke, BC, Rogers Pass, and Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta. It was cold, snowy and everything you'd wanted in a ski adventure! I'll do my best to convey the the amazing trip we had … Continue reading Annual Migration North to find Pow! (1/2)

The Nugget House

Our Nugget, the Rolling Mini Mansion, a Winter Palace... Call it what you want, our camper is the best! Lee and I got The Nugget House in September after hopes and dreams of an in-bed camper were crushed by the news that my trucks was too small (the payload capacity on Tacoma's are only about … Continue reading The Nugget House